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Howards in Soulard is a tribute to family and neighbors. As a long-time resident of Soulard who is committed to restore and preserve our historic, neighborhood community. There was an opportunity to renovate the highly renowned Hi-Way Bar, est. 1969.

The property was built in 1888, originally as a pharmacy; later as a shoe store; an income tax office; a whisky bar; a bail bond business conveniently located next to the nearby police station (now Mad Art); and finally a local, family-run tavern.

The concept of Howards in Soulard is highly inspired by Ronald and Ruth Ann Howard. We have an eclectic blend of art, music, world décor, landscaping, and simple yet delicious bistro cuisine. The figure in our logo was designed by USN Capt. Ronald C. Howard (father, 1935-2014), as his family letterhead in 1962, we call the little fella ‘The Captain’. He was poet and an artist of abstract character drawings and paintings. Ruth Ann Howard (mother) is a retired piano teacher and first soprano opera singer, also a painter, who has enjoyed visiting Soulard for 25 years and is now a resident.

Our motto is ‘By the Neighbors, For the Neighbors’ to recognize all of the gifted Soulardians who contribute to this small-independent business including builders, artists, musicians, landscapers, and professionals of all kinds. We thank them for their support, mentorship and efforts to realize this endeavor.

We hope you enjoy your experience here at Howards in Soulard! Peace!